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Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (amblyopia) in India

Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (amblyopia) in India - Lazy eye doesn't mean the eye is lazy. But it means one eye is not receiving proper stimulation. It can keep your eyes from maturing as they should. In the United States, 3% of children suffer from amblyopia. While in India, it affects 1-4 percent of children. It's crucial to begin treatment of it in early childhood as the treatments are more effective in folks eight years and younger. With one of the Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (amblyopia) in India, folks can say goodbye to Lazy eye.

Three main types of amblyopia can affect children, including refractive, strabismic, and deprivation. This refractive disorder can be caused by any obstruction in vision. Though it is not clear what is the root cause of this condition, its treatment is possible. Whatever is causing lazy eye, let's dive deep into the Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (amblyopia) in India. So, mainly there are two approaches to treating lazy eyes. A doctor can treat this underlying disorder or attempt to develop the vision and make it work as it should. Read on.

Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (amblyopia) in India

Before we delve deep into the list of treatments effective in the lazy eye (amblyopia), be informed that the treatment is more effective in the child 8 years or younger. Thus, it is best if the treatment is initiated in early childhood. So, without much ado, let's begin with this list of the Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (amblyopia) in India.

Cataract Surgery

When the cause behind amblyopia is a cataract, doctors remove the cataract surgically under local or general anesthesia. So, the first treatment for lazy eye is cataract surgery if the cause is a cataract.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery

This treatment for lazy eye is performed if the cause of this problem is the droopy eyelid. Since droopy eyelid may obstruct vision. In this case, simply the eyelid is uplifted with the help of surgery.

Eye Patches

In this treatment for lazy eye, the child has to wear an eye patch over the stronger eye for two to six or more hours a day to stimulate the weaker eye. It is advised not to wear the eye patch for a longer duration than prescribed since it may cause amblyopia in the patched eye. However, it is generally reversible.

Bangerter filter

It is an effective treatment for the lazy eye that involves the placement of a special filter on the eyeglass lens of the stronger eye. As the vision in the stronger eye blurs, so, it encourages the child to use the weaker eye, which eventually stimulates the weaker eye.

Eye Emulsion

A medication called atropine is recommended to treat lazy eyes. It is a medication that temporarily blurs the vision in the stronger eye. Generally, it is prescribed for use daily or on weekends. The use of this medication encourages the child to use the weaker eye. The side effects of this treatment may include eye irritation or sensitivity to light.

Vision Exercise Treatment For Lazy Eye

With vision exercise and games, it is possible to improve vision development in a child with lazy eyes (amblyopia). According to experts, this treatment for lazy eyes is effective in older children. This method of treatment is generally prescribed with other treatments.

Spectacles Treatment For Lazy Eye

Medical professionals prescribe Spectacles to the child with farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. The child will have to wear the glasses throughout the day. In this treatment, the doctor will monitor how effective the child is at improving the vision problems in the lazy eye. Glasses are effective in correcting an eye turn.

Hence, it may solve amblyopia, and no more treatment is needed. However, the child may complain that their vision is better without wearing glasses. In this circumstance, the guardian/caregiver may need to encourage the child to wear glasses for the treatment to be more effective.

On the Final Note

This article lists the Best 5 Treatments For Lazy Eye (amblyopia). Hopefully, this piece of information is helpful for you all. It outlines the effective treatments for amblyopia. You can try any of the above remedies after consulting your healthcare provider. The Ophthalmologist will determine the cause of this problem and prescribe the treatment accordingly. Kindly confer with your Ophthalmologist to make an informed decision.