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Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula

We are available in PAN India, but even for a huge company it is not possible to reach every place and for that we are offering new business proposal for you an Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula. Nayan Vision from Alark biotech wants to solve the problem of eyes, because eyes is one of the very precious part of human body it come under the category of sense organs which helps you to see every beautiful things in your surroundings, but the eye-related problems are slowing increasing specially in crowded city such as Panchkula. Being come under tri-city this particular city is very crowded and have lots of pollutant which can infect your eyes to solve such problem Nayan Vision offering you an opportunity to run Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula.

We offering you to start your own business and earn money while saving many visions from dark fate or from low sight, because sometime it may possible someone eyes get infected by some microbial organisms by running Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula you helps many panchkula’s People.  

Well-performing company in Eye Drops Franchise

Being in Pharmaceutical industry we know proving the best products at affordable price is our responsibility and we are never going to back down with our responsibility, because there is lives and someone’s vision on the line. That is why our products are GMP and WHO approved and company is also ISO Certifies and we follows all the rules and regulations regarding drug’s manufacturing which government instruct us for the betterment of people.  We know that concentration of a medicine can be effected by the atmosphere and climate change because generally chemical composition are very reactive sun light and Moisture, that’s why our products are very well packaged and we keep it store under a neat and clean storage. So that you do not have to worry about products quality. If you start with us as Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula city what will you gain.

  1. Great portfolio on eye’s products.
  2. Monopoly on our products.
  3. Great profit margin on our products.
  4. The best distribution channels which delivers product on time.
  5. Promotional Support from us.
  6. Products at very affordable price.

Quality matters in Nayan Vision

If you are hesitating to start your Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula because of thinking about the products quality let us assure you about our product’s quality, because our raw material for manufacturing drug come from the best supplier and we have a great R&D team that takes care about quality of the products and our manufacturing unit has latest equipment which make us efficient and effective too in maintaining the prefect drug concentration. And our pharmacist assure the quality of the products, so that there will be no unwanted things which can affect our drug’s quality and these unwanted things are-

  • Antibiotic
  • Bacterial
  • Unnecessary moisture.

Marketing Support Provided by our Company

We know selling a product can be very difficult without proper marketing and promotional support, but you do not have to worry about that we are with you while doing the promotion. Our team will help you out with marketing and it will become more easy because of our brand name, because brand can sell itself you just have to reach to your targeted audience. There some tools which we provide when you join us to start your business as Eye Drops PCD Franchise and these tools are Diaries, Reminder cards, Small gift articles, Writing Pads, Product cards, Visiting cards, Covers of catch, Visual Aid, Working bags, and Brochures etc.

Way to join us as Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula

To be the part of us and start with us as Eye Drops Franchises you have to follow certain criteria, because in Pharmaceutical business there is life on the line and in this case there is someone’s vision and that is why you have some set of rule which one must follow and some criteria which they must fulfilled. So these are the criteria to join us.

  1. We preferred experience person first in our business, Specially in trading pharmaceutical’s products and it will do good if the person have 1 or 2 year experience.
  2. If the person is graduate that will do but if not graduate then they should have 12 degree.
  3. The person must have TIN (Tax Identification Number).
  4. The person must have registered GST number (Goods and Services Tax Number).
  5. Last but the most important thing the person must have drug lenience.

These are some criteria which you must have to fulfilled to start your own business as Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula with our company.

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If after reading whole article, you have still left with some doubts you can reach at us for any kind of queries regarding about company or to start as Eye Drops PCD Franchise in Panchkula, here are the contact details:-

SCO-5,6, Zirakpur-Panchkula-Kalka Hwy, near Hotel Sunpark,
Wadhawa Nagar, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

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