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Scope for Ophthalmic Medicine Pharma Franchise in Pharmaceutical Industry

 Opthamalogy acts as a backbone to the pharmaceutical industry. Ophthalmic medicines is a category of medicines used to treat eye-related disorders. Opthalmic Industry has witnessed a rocketing trend in the past few decades. This growth has mainly occurred due to two conditions- first is the increasing ophthalmic diseases and second- improved health infrastructure.As there is aboost in the number of ophthalmic conditions, the need for best medicines to cure these conditions has also surged. Hence there is an enormous scope for ophthalmic medicine Pharma Franchise in the Pharmaceutical industry. 

 A major proportion of Indian population suffers from serious ophthalmic conditions such as Cataract and Glaucoma. Technological advancement and increased number of manufacturers and supplier have prevented these conditions from being worst. Hence, investing in Opthalmic medicines can be a profitable and high yielding choice. 

The Abundant Benefits of Investing in Opthalmic Medicines in India 

There are numerous benefits of investing in the ophthalmic medicines sector.Opthalmic medicines rectify many eye disorders and improve the corneal functioning. Hence, they are necessary for the efficient treatment of people with such fatal conditions . Below listed are some of the most essential benefits of initiating an ophthalmic PCD pharma franchise in india.

Low Investment with High returns

One of the key advantage of running an ophthalmic medicine PCD business is the less amount of low intial investment needed. The amount of investment depends on the type of business one needs to work in.  One can start this business with a minimum cost of around 2 lakh. Due to low amounts of assets required, the risk involved is also meager. 

Absolute Monopoly Rights 

Monopoly rights are provided to the business associates in a PCD pharma business. The ophthalmic company will grant exclusive rights to the business owner to sell their medicines in a particular area. This makes sure that there are decreased level of competitors in the same area. This helps the business owner to make appropriate strategies to expand the business.

Increasing Ophthalmic Conditions 

A number of other ophthalmic conditions have shown up in the past few years in addition to the prevalent cases of cataract and conjunctivitis. Many congenital eye defects are common amongst newborns. These conditions require safe and effective medicines in order to be treated. Hence, more number of manufacturing plants and supplier chains have come into existence to fulfill these never ending demands. This clearly depicts the wide scope of ophthalmic medicine Pharma Franchise in the Pharmaceutical industry. 

High Exposure to Electronic Devices 

Due to the rapid industrialization in smartphone technology, the active screen time in substantially increasing. Approximately 80% of people spend more than an hour on their mobile phone or PC. The harmful rays have the potential to cause damage to the retina( a major eye component involved in processing vision). Opthalmic Industry manufactures and supplies a wide variety of vision boosters to tackle this situation. 

Promotional Support 

Another pro of investing in an ophthalmic PCD franchise is the extended promotional support offered by the company. Various activities are conducted to promote the company’s name and products. This is done to ensure awareness amongst supporting people like doctors, or other medical professionals about the pharma company.This expands the business and helps the supplier get numerous business offers.

Be Your Own Boss

In an ophthalmic PCD business, you are free to work. There is no unnecessary pressure to finish a fixed number of tasks everyday. One can make decisions regarding this business independently. You can plan your business in whichever way you want to make it well established. This insures sufficient scope of ophthalmic PCD business franchise in the pharma industry for those who wish to work individually.

Fantastic Opportunity for Opthalmic Medicines PCD Franchise at Nayan Vision 

Nayan vision is an eminent and trustworthy name in the field of ophthalmic medicines. Set up in the year 2015 with an ultimate aim of providing effective eye medcines at inexpensive costs, the company strives to achieves excellence and innovation in the field. Our wide range of Opthalmic drops and ointments guarantee the desirable results along with high yields. Our core team of professionals make sure to deliver products that are quality tested and meet all the international standards. Ethical business practices along with customer satisfaction is another motive of the company. 


The ophthalmic business may definitely prove to be a successful and established one if initiated with proper knowledge and skills. India offers a wide scope for ophthalmic medicines pharma franchise in the pharmaceutical industry due to the  improved healthcare facilities and medicines. Hence, the benefits of this business overtake the risks involved in it thus investing in ophthalmic medicine business is a wise and fecund decision.