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Treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (Broken Blood Vessel in Eye) in India

Treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in India - Bleeding in the eye is known as Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (sub-kun-JUNK-tih-vul HEM-uh-ruj). It generally occurs when a tiny blood vessel breaks underneath the conjunctiva (the clear surface of the eye). You can understand it just like a bruise on your skin. The conjunctiva is not designed in a way that it can absorb blood quickly. Hence, the blood in your eye gets trapped. Therefore, it is essential to undergo the Best Treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in India.

Many people don't even realize that they have broken blood vessels in the eye (Subconjunctival Hemorrhage) until they look in the mirror. It comes to light when the white part of the eye becomes bright red. Often Subconjunctival Hemorrhage occurs without any obvious harm to the eyes. Even a strong cough or sneeze can cause a blood vessel to break in the eye. You don't need to get treatment in the initial phase. However, if it doesn't disappear within two weeks or so, you should get the Treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in India.

Best Treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in India

The signs of Subconjunctival Hemorrhage include a bright red patch on the white surface of the eye. Though it appears within a few days, however, if it doesn't fade away within two weeks, it is advised to see a doctor. Also, a broken blood vessel in the eye should not affect your vision and if it does, see your doctor as soon as possible. For broken blood vessels in the eye, you can be prescribed the following treatments.

Eye Emulsion

The first-line treatment for every refractive or eye-related disorder is eye drops. So, the first treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (Broken Blood Vessel in Eye) in India is eye drops. Your doctor may prescribe you eye drops to treat broken blood vessels in the eye. The eye drops effectively in this ailment contain artificial tears. The composition that belongs to the drug class of artificial tears consists of sodium carboxymethylcellulose and oxychloride complex, sodium hyaluronate, etc.

Many patients prefer Eye Drops over other treatments for For Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in India. The eye drops function by adding similar lubricating elements into the eyes. Hence, the working of natural tears can be copied.  With the use of eye drops, eye irritation can also be cured. Also, the continuous usage of these eye drops will ensure that Subconjunctival Hemorrhage gets cured within almost 2 weeks.

Avoid Using Certain Drugs

To prevent Treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (Broken Blood Vessel in Eye), an individual should not take certain pharma drugs. Those drugs may increase the risk of broken blood vessels in the eyes. In short, the usage of those drugs must be discontinued for a particular span of time. As a result of it, the risk of further blood leakage will be prevented. The medications one should avoid include:

  • Blood Thinners
  • Blood clot medications
  • Aspirin or warfarin (Coumadin)

Check Blood Pressure

An individual with problems with high/increased blood pressure should ensure to keep checking their blood pressure. It may increase the risk of broken blood vessels in the eye. There are many cases wherein the increased blood pressure has caused damage to not only the other parts of the body but the most sensitive part (eye) also. So, to prevent Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (broken vessels in the eye), keep checking the blood pressure regularly (if possible).

Ice Packs can Help

Another treatment for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (broken vessel in the eye) is the usage of ice packs. An individual can reduce any kind of swelling and discomfort by using ice packs. They provide instant and long-lasting relief from various issues. Dryness can also be prevented with the use of eye packs. The cold temperature of ice packs tends to constrict the blood vessels, making them less likely to bleed.

Other Preventive Measures

Broken vessels in the eye (Subconjunctival Hemorrhage) can also occur if one handles the eyes in the wrong ways. For instance, if one rubs eyes strongly, it may cause Subconjunctival Hemorrhage. When having any kind of irritation in the eyes, it is best to use tears or artificial tears to flush them out. The use of fingers should be avoided. Also, an individual should wear protective goggles to avoid any kind of contamination from going to the eyes. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to the bleeding of the eyes, it is a matter of concern. One should obtain treatment for broken vessels in the eyes as soon as possible. In general, this problem fades away within two weeks. However, if it takes more than two weeks to disappear, it is best to see a doctor. An ophthalmologist can prescribe various Treatments for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage (Broken Blood Vessel in Eye) in India, such as Eye Emulsion and ice packs. etc. These are the most common treatment that effectively treats this eye-related problem.