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Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar

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Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar

Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar manufactured by Nayan Vision are eye drops that specialize in the release of the high pressure that is deposited inside the eye due to the regular contract of dust and pollution.

The pressure is created inside the eye because of the  glaucoma which is an open angle type and also it can be caused by other eye diseases such as ocular hypertension.

The main work of Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar is to lower the eye pressure by increasing the fluid speed. The fluid is generated in the eyes to make it work smoothly and efficiently by lowering the risk of blindness.

By introducing these eyedrops , Nayan Vision has made sure to give a protective layer to the eyes that helps it prevent major eye diseases.

Direction to use Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar

The usage of Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar is very simple.
  • Wash the hands with soap and eyes within a cold water. This step will clean the excessive amount of dust present in the eyes.
  • Make sure not to touch the point of the eye drop container as the touch might cause bacterial interaction.
  • Tilt your head up and take the help of someone to put the eye drops into the eyes or put in on your own with precaution.
  • Keep the eyes closed for a while around 5 minutes and let the drops absorb into the eyes completely.
  • Do not wash your eyes after putting the drops.

Dose requirement for Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar
It is suggested to use the Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar once a day while you are about to sleep. Although the dose requirement for these eye drops depends on the recommendation of the ophthalmologist only. Overdose of the eye drops may affect the internal neye that will not give the desired results rather it will produce adverse effects on the vision. 

Precautions while using the Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar

A person needs to follow a precautionary guide while using the Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar

  • One needs to wash the hands and eyes properly.
  • Do not overdose the medication.
  • It is necessary to follow the instructions suggested by the clinician.
  • One needs to wear sunglasses while going outside to prevent the dust from entering the eyes.
  • Do not use the two medications of the same salt at a time.
  • If there is a sign of other eye infections namely macular edema, iritis, lens extraction and herpes then it is recommended to consult the physician immediately.
  • Pregnant womens are advised not to use Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar as it may not be beneficial for the child.
  • Breastfeed mothers are also advised to consult the doctor as the traces of the salt will be present in the milk.

Side effects of Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar

 The drug might show the side effects in the beginning of the use,

  • The first usage of the Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar will cause eye irritation.
  • There will be a chance of redness in the eyes but that will be completely normal.
  • The person may feel the soreness in the throat as the medication will reach the wind pipes. 
  • There may be a noticed discoloration in the iris of the eye with the continuous use of the medication nearly upto 6 months. 
  • If you suspect intolerable swelling or any rash near the eyes then consult the doctor .

Remember, the clinician knows about the benefits of the medication and if the eye drops are prescribed to you because of the beneficial effects then side effects are not to be focused on unless they are too serious to require medical attention.
Storage- Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar must be stored in a cool nanf der place only.
Note- To be used for the external purpose only.
Caution- Latanoprost Eye Drops IP/Letwar is only made for the use of adults only and is not       recommended for pediatric use.

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