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OXOISM-D ( TO TREAT INFECTIONS AND INFLAMMATION IN CONJUNCTIVITIS ) - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Third Party Contract Manufacturing - PCD Pharma Franchise


Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops are a mixture of antibiotics and corticosteroid classes of medications that are useful in the treatment of bacterial infections. This bacterial infection occurs when bacteria enter the patient’s body through any part of the body like the eyeball or its surrounding tissues, cornea, and the conjunctiva. Due to these bacterial infections patients feel the immune reactions in the body.

Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops are made up of two different salts which are known as Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone. Ofloxacin is related to that class of drugs that are known as quinolone antibiotics. On the other hand, Dexamethasone associates with that class of medication named corticosteroids. Both salts have different healing properties. If we talk about Dexamethasone, then we can say that, it controls the production of a chemical messenger that causes redness, swelling, and itchiness in the affected area. Ofloxacin works by killing bacteria and by stopping the bacterial DNA gyrase which is an enzyme that is responsible for the transcription and repairing of DNA.

Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops are recommended to use only with the consultancy of a doctor. The dose and duration of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drop only depend on the health condition of the patient. Generally, Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops are used to be safe but sometimes many users of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops may feel some common side effects with the use of this medication. These side effects include a burning sensation, Dryness, redness, eye discomfort, irritation in the eyes, and itching. These common adverse effects with the use of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops do not require any medical attention but if any patient feels severe side effects then it is mandatory for the patient to call his doctor as soon as possible. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women can use the Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops with proper consultation and precaution. Patients can use machinery or can drive if he or she does not feel any discomfort in their eyes.

Usage and medical benefits of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drop

Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops are primarily used in treating bacterial infections only. Never use this eye drop in a virus infection. The combination of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone forms a drug named Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops. The mixture of both salts works by killing all bacteria from the affected area. Ofloxacin is types of antibiotic that control the growth of bacterial cells and kills all bacteria and helps the patient recover from infection. Dexamethasone is a form of steroid that blocks the creation of prostaglandins as a result patients feel relaxation from itching, swelling, and redness in the eyes.

Storage of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops

According to the indication for storage on the packaging, the user is recommended to keep Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Direction for use of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops

The user should follow the indication on the label of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops for the best result. Firstly, the patient should tilt his head back and pull his eyelid outward and downward, and then squeeze the container of eye drops and put the eye drops into the eyes. Blink the eyes for a few seconds to spread the medication in the eyes. And repeat the process according to the dosage. In case of using more than one eye drops patient should keep at least five minutes gap between the dosages.

Common side effects with the use of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops

The user of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops sometimes may feel the common or severe bad effects with the use of this medication. In case of any side effects contact your doctor once. Here is a list of some common bad effects of the use of this medication.

4.Burning sensation in the eyes
5.Eye discomfort
6.Eye irritation


Nayan Vision never recommends the user of Ofloxacin +Dexamethasone eye drops to use with self-prescription. Consultancy of a doctor is must.

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