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Best Eye Drops for Computer Users in India

Best Eye Drops for Computer Users in India - Between spreadsheets, Facebook, and Instagram, our eyes see more pixels than before. It gives rise to complex eye-related disorders, such as achy, tired eyes and more. After spending a whole day long staring at a computer screen, some people relax by staring at a PC's screen. Soon eyes start complaining. They feel tired and achy. Afterward, the words on the screen might begin to seem blurry. Then, people rush towards the Best Eye Drops for Computer Users in India.

If you are also among them, you have hit the right place. Whether your problem is dry eyes or eyes are feeling achy or tired, you will get the solution. Here, we are unleashing the eye drops for PC users. So tighten your seat belts. Let's begin this list of the Best Eye Drops for Computer Users in India. But before delving deep, we will discuss the symptoms of digital eye strain. Now is the time to start!

Know the Symptoms of Computer Eyes

More than 50% of regular computer users are troubled by computer eyes. Ordinarily, humans tend to blink 20 times a minute. However, while staring at a computer, it may reduce to 5. Therefore, vision-related disorders, such as computer eyes, occur. You can know that you have computer eyes if experiencing the below symptoms.

  1. Dry or watery eyes,
  2. Headache or sore neck,
  3. Double or blurred vision,
  4. Burning, tired, or itching eyes, etc.

An individual can alleviate the above symptoms with OTC products like eye drops. However, if you notice any rare symptoms, you might need medical help. Check with your healthcare provider ASAP!

Buy the Best Eye Drops for Computer Users

Eye drops containing lubricants and glycerin can bring temporary relief at home, the workplace, or anywhere else. In addition, there is no downside to using computer eye drops. However, if you have the vision-related syndrome, you might need to check with your doctor. So, if you want to use eye drops for computer, try the best from these -

S. No Best Eye Drops for Computer Users Key Highlights
1. NAYASOL Relieves eye dryness and soreness
2. PGP Eye Drops Adds moisture to your eyes and keeps them lubricated
3. Boxycarb-Plus Relieve dry, irritated eyes

NAYASOL (Best Eye Drop for Computer Users)

Recognized throughout the nation for its high-class ophthalmic eye emulsions, Nayan Vision features an effective eye drop for computer users in India. NAYASOL contains Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution USP. This medicine belongs to a family of drugs known as "artificial tears." It relieves dryness and irritation that occurred due to reduced tear flow. In addition, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution USP prevents damage caused by certain eye diseases. Use it if prescribed. Consult the doctor for more deets.

Features:-Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution USP

  1. Easy on pocket
  2. Certifed eye drop


  1. Relieves dryness and irritation
  2. Prevent damage to the eye


  1. No side effects reported

PGP Eye Drops

Up next, we have Polyethylene Glycol Propylene Glycol Eye Drops. It is an over-the-counter product for dry eyes. This eye emulsion is available under the brand name PGP Eye Drops. This solution belongs to a class of drugs known as eye lubricants. The whole solution functions similarly to natural tears and alleviates symptoms of dry eyes, such as burning and irritation. One should use this eye emulsion as prescribed. All above, it comes in the form of eye drops and is for external use only.

Features:-Polyethylene Glycol Propylene Glycol Eye Drops

  1. Provides substantial savings
  2. Come in air-tight packaging


  1. Efficiently alleviates symptoms of dry eyes
  2. Works similar to natural tears


  1. May cause irritation


Another Best Eye Drops for Computer Users in India is Boxycarb-Plus. Formulated with Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, N-Acetyl L-Carnosine & Glycerin Lubricant Eye Drops. It is an effective treatment for dry and irritated eyes. The common causes of dry eyes include wind, sun, heating, computer use/reading, etc. This eye emulsion keeps your eyes moist. In addition, it protects the eyes from injury and further damage. You should use this medicine in the dose and duration prescribed.

Features:-Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, N-Acetyl L-Carnosine & Glycerin Lubricant Eye Drops

  1. Impeccable packaging
  2. Pocket-friendly price


  1. 100% effective in dry and irritated eyes
  2. Prevent injury and damage


  1. Minor burning/irritation may temporarily occur
Ayurvedic Eye Drops for Computer Users in India
S. No Ayurvedic Eye Drops for Computer Users Key Highlights
1. Similasan Computer Eye Relief Provide relief from eye strain symptoms
2. Himalaya Ophtha Care Box Gives relief to eye strain
Similasan Computer Eye Relief

It is one of the best emulsions for Computer Users - Similasan Computer Eye Relief. It is effective in achy eyes, burning, eye strain, and redness. An individual can use it often as needed. With naturally active ingredients, it provides temporary relief from eye strain symptoms, such as tiredness, burning, aching, and redness. Similasan Computer Eye drops stimulate the body's natural defenses instead of suppressing symptoms. For over 40 years, it has been the first-line treatment for computer eyes. All above, it is marketed by a leading brand most recognized for its eye drops.


  1. No antihistamines or harsh chemicals
  2. Safe for use with contacts


  1. Relief from eye strain symptoms
  2. Stimulate the body's natural defenses


  1. No known side effects
Himalaya Ophtha Care Box

Here comes the fifth product on the list - Himalaya Ophtha Care Box. These ayurvedic eye drops relieve eye strain, dryness, and redness. It keeps the eyes cool. In addition, it has beneficial properties on the eyes. Also, it is safe and effective. One can use Himalaya Ophtha Care Box without any prescription. It is an over-the-counter product. Further, its price is pocket-friendly.


  1. Cooling and beneficial properties
  2. Safe and effective ayurvedic eye drop


  1. Relieve eye strain, dryness, and redness
  2. Keeps the eyes cool


  1. No known adverse reactions
On the Final Note

Above is the list containing Best Eye Drops for Computer Users, pick out what suits you the best. All these products are safe and reliable. In addition, they offer minimal side effects. However, they provide temporary relief. Therefore, if you have a chronic vision-related disorder, seek medical advice. To know more deets, confer with your healthcare provider.

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