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How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis

How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis? 

A condition of conjunctivitis is very commonly termed pink eyes and this hap[[pas due to the presence of bacteria and viruses which are present in the environment. This eye bacterial infection is very commonly seen in school-going children causing pink eye, the production of water in the eyes, a release of while discharge followed by an extreme amount of pain. Its symptoms may include pain in blinking the eyes, sticky feeling, pink eyes, irritation, burning sensations, and continuous releases of fluid. 

How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis is one of the most searched questions.

The condition of conjunctivitis is commonly noticed in summer and its spread in the season is active. To prevent this one needs to keep themselves away from excessive dust presence and a sweaty environment.

Some precautions that may help to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis is

  • Keeping a distance from a person dealing with pink eyes as this spreads very quickly.
  • Washing the hands and eyes properly and frequently.
  • Try avoiding the use of contact lenses.
  • Do not smudge or rub the eye if you notice any pain sensations.
  • Keep not sharing your personal stuff such as goggles, makeup, etc with the person having the infection.

How to Know You Have Pink Eyes?

Pink eyes or medically termed conjunctivitis are an issue that is with inflammation in the lining of the eyelids.  It soon turns the eyes into color pink and later one develops more symptoms such as continuous tears, redness, release of sticky fluid, etc, This is common in the humid and moist season as the ratio of attacking the bacteria in the season is much more common. Understanding this may help you How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis.

Type of discharge

  • A person may be noticed either green or white discharge from the eye that is infected.
  • Also, the presence of a thick sticky layer on the eyelashes with a liquid yellow color usually after sleep is noticed.

Causes of Conjectitivitis

An infection is caused due to several factors such as coming in contact with the person facing the issue of conjunctivitis. Below is the stated cause of this.

Viruses- This is the most common cause and this spread very quickly.

Bacterias- The known bacterias for the cause of pink eyes are  Streptococcus pneumonia Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Haemophilus influenzae.

Allergies- The commonly affecting allergens are pollen allergies.

External Substances- Using shampoos, and soaps may develop allergies.

Blocked Tear Duct- This is very common in newborns.

How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis?

Keeping the eyes safe during the initial stage and even after the development of the infection is necessary in order to prevent its spread. There are different areas that need focus while treating conjunctivitis and to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis it is important to follow the advice.

Involvement of Anti- Bacterial Medication

As there are various causes of the spread of infection, if the connectivities are caused due to the presence of bacteria it has to be treated with appropriate antibiotics. The course has to be completed. The medical; also comes in the form of ointment capsules which provide more beneficial results.

Note- The intake of medicine must be under the guidance of an eye specialist.

Nayan Vision is a listed company that provides a huge range of medicines that specialize in the treatment of eye-related disorders. Some of our most used products are

Wash the Eyes Frequently

Washing the eye with clean water is necessary as this will clean the excessive amount of dirt that may stick to the eyelids due to the discharge. Do not use any soap to avoid more inflammation. After washing the eyes it is important to clean the hands too and not touch the eyes at all.

Check the Medicine Properly

Before any use, check the medicine’s date expiry properly and clearly inform the doctor about your eye condition and allergies guide. The connectivities can be caused by any virus or bacterial attack hence the medicine will vary. 

The information provided for “How to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Bacterial Conjunctivitis” will keep you safe form its effects and cause. Follow the instruction properly and get yourself checked by the doctor immediately if you develop an infection. Reduce contact with people in order to prevent the spread of infections.